Cord is always useful. Stretching a rain canopy, rigging a clothes line, hanging a bear bag, extending guylines, etc. But how much you'll need and in what increments varies from camp to camp. Over the long haul, carrying a bundle of cord, and cutting and tying pieces becomes increasingly wasteful, time consuming, and annoying. So we have devised a more elegant solution.

HOW IT WORKS:   Combine and disassemble sections of cord in a snap. Each sections has a small hook and loop for end-to-end assembly. Quickly rig guyline extensions of desired length. No long leftovers. No cutting. No knots.

Makes tarp setup a breeze! Just hook one section around a tree, add more sections as needed, and snap onto a guyline. Then fine-tune length and tension using the line tensioner on your tarp. Fast and simple. Unused sections can be utilized for other purposes around camp. Cord sections are 5 ft, 10 ft, and 15 ft. And color-coded too. So you’ll always reach just for the section you need.

ADJUSTABLE SECTIONAL CORDS:   Using a tarp without built-in line tensioners? Want to quickly rig a clothes line? Need to secure some gear in place? No problem.

Adjustable sectional cords snap together AND the cord length and tension are then fully adjustable. 15 ft cord sections come with an easy-to-use length/tension adjuster. Simply pull the end of the cord to the desired length and it will remain so. Make any length of cord from just a few inches long and put some tension on it too. No tricky connectors and no fine motor skills required. You can work it in seconds while wearing your winter mitts.

Made with super durable, low-stretch, weather resistant cord. Read about our choice of outdoor cord here.


Four 5 ft sections; Two 10 ft sections

Weight:  40.5 g

CAD $ 22.00


Six 5 ft sections; Three 10 ft sections; One adjustable 15 ft section

Weight:  76 g

CAD $ 36.00


Four 15 ft adjustable sections

Weight:  60 g

CAD $ 30.00


Five 5 ft sections; Three 10 ft sections; Three 15 ft adjustable sections

Weight:  101 g

CAD $ 46.00