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Wide-Floor Zipper Pouch (medium)

Size:       8.5″ x 6″ x 2″  (L x H x W)
Weight:           10 g
Material:        DCF_1.4oz

Wide-base floor; great for bulkier items

All seams are taped   /   Waterproof*


Not sure what size you need? See “what can I fit” in description section below

This pouches also come in a tougher DCF_2.9oz material here.

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GENERAL   Zipper pouches are lightweight rectangular bags with a zipper closure. They are best for storing and carrying small loose items, or larger flat items. The wide opening is great so you can find what you need quickly.

* Waterproof: The material used to make the pouches is 100% waterproof DCF. All seams are taped, and we use a highly water-resistant Uretek® zipper. However, a zipper closure is never absolutely waterproof, because a small gap always exists at the leading edge of the zipper puller. This is a very minor hole, so the contents of the pouch will stay dry in the rain or a quick dip in water. But do not submerge!

WHAT CAN I FIT?  The Small size is ideal for storing a bunch of small loose items. Use it for toiletries, first aid, small cooking accessories; or use it as a wallet. Most phones will fit, except for largest formats. The Medium size is great for a larger collection of items mentioned before. It is great for big phones, battery backs, and snacks. The Large size can accommodate electronic readers, books, cooking utensils, clothing, etc.

Looking to store flat items? A ‘Flat Zipper Pouch‘ version is available in all sizes. These pouches lack a wide-base floor, so they are lower cost alternative, best used for flatter items.

SIZES   Small – 7″x5″x1.5″  (8.5 g),  Medium – 8.5″x6″x2″  (10 g),  Large – 10″x8″x2″  (13.5 g)

NOTE   As with all DCF products you should avoid sharp objects as they may puncture the material. But if you do happen to get a cut or puncture, repairing DCF is super easy on the fly by simply gluing a patch over the hole. So why not add some Repair Patches to your order, just might be the best few bucks you spend, and adds less than 1 g to your trail weight.

These pouches are meant to be used for organization inside your bag. They are not designed to be outside bags you attach by the zipper puller loops which are only meant to assist in opening and closing the zipper. The loops may not hold up to such use. Please see the “Packs” category for bags designed for this application.

Additional information

Weight 50 g

Green, White


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