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Flat Zipper Pouch (medium)

Size:       8.5″ x 6″  (L x H)
Weight:           9.5 g
Material:        DCF_1.4oz

All seams are taped   /   Waterproof*



Not sure what size you need? See “what can I fit” in description section below

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GENERAL   Flat zipper pouches are lightweight envelope-style rectangular bags with a zipper closure. They are best for storing flat items, but bulkier items will fit too. The wide opening is great so you can find what you need quickly.

* Waterproof: The material used to make the pouches is 100% waterproof DCF. All seams are taped, and we use a highly water-resistant Uretek® zipper. However, a zipper closure is never absolutely waterproof, because a small gap always exists at the leading edge of the zipper puller. This is a very minor hole, so the contents of the pouch will stay dry in the rain or a quick dip in water. But do not submerge!

WHAT CAN I FIT?  The Small size is ideal for small battery packs, phones, cables. Small loose items; or just use it as a wallet. The Medium size is great for larger phones, battery packs, GPS units, snacks, toiletries.The Large size can accommodate electronic readers, books, cooking utensils, clothing, etc.

Need a little more width to fit bulkier items? A ‘Wide-Floor Zipper Pouch‘ version is available in all sizes. These pouches have a wide-base floor, so you can stash more gear. depending on what you put in them, these pouches can stand upright.

SIZES   Small – 7″x5″  (8 g),  Medium – 8.5″x6″  (9.5 g),  Large – 10″x8″  (12.5 g)

NOTE   As with all DCF products you should avoid sharp objects as they may puncture the material. But if you do happen to get a cut or puncture, repairing DCF is super easy on the fly by simply gluing a patch over the hole. So why not add some Repair Patches to your order, just might be the best few bucks you spend, and adds less than 1 g to your trail weight.

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Weight 50 g

Green, White


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