Titanium Hook Stakes

USD $ 6.60

Weight:    5.5 g     |     Length:     6 in (15 cm)

Made from lightweight and durable titanium, these titanium hook stakes give you the best hold in hard-packed ground and forest floor.

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These titanium hook stakes offer the optimal combination of lightweight design, reliable holding power, and durability. Titanium, known for its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, is lightweight yet very strong. However, be careful when pressing into the ground to prevent bending.

The slim profile of these stakes makes them easier to insert into moderately firm soil than their thicker counterparts. In loose soil or windy conditions, it’s advisable to use rocks for additional weight.

The hook portion of these titanium hook stakes is coloured orange, making easier to see an harder to lose.

You can also add a small DCF bag for storing your stakes. Sold separately HERE

Staking tips:

Avoid hammering ultralight stakes, as this may lead to bending or damage. Hold the stake with both hands, placing your foot for stability, and gently guide it into the ground using your body weight. If the ground is too solid for driving stakes, secure them with rocks instead.

For non-freestanding tents, pitching is versatile with a touch of creativity. In firm ground, partially insert the stake tips and secure them with rocks. Above tree line on rocky terrain, loop guy lines around rocks for anchoring. On sandy beaches, utilize rocks, driftwood, or similar items to anchor tent guylines. On wooden platforms, wedge stakes between boards or use additional line to tie off at the platform ends. With a bit of imagination, there are numerous ways to make it work.

Not sure which tent stake is right for you? Check out this VIDEO

*Tent stake sack not included. To view, click HERE

Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 6 × .5 × 2 in

Grey with red tops


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