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Stick On Light Duty Tie Out / Mid-Tarp / with D-ring (4-pack)

Size:                  2.5″  x  3.25″  (6.4 x 8.3cm)
Weight:           Total  8 g  (2 g/pc.)
Material:         DCF_1.4oz

Peel off paper liner and stick on.

A light duty tie out patch, with a smaller glue area, to be used in light applications and for secondary structural support only. For heavy duty applications, we offer a larger/stronger option here.

Mid-Tarp tie outs can be placed anywhere on tarp or tent body. NOT recommended for edge of tarp. Stick on tie outs designed to go along the edge are sold here for the same price.

IMPORTANT: Read installation instructions below before using. Adhesive is very strong and bonds instantly! The patch cannot be re-positioned once the surfaces touch.

Also sold individually.

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Intended to use on Dyneema® Composite Fabric only. The patch will stick to most other synthetic fabrics, but the bond may be substantially weaker. Use at own risk.


1. Wipe the surface of the tarp with rubbing alcohol where the patch will be placed. Let dry for 1 minute.

2. Orientation of the tie out is important. The D–ring should be perpendicular to the direction of the guyline tension.

3. Once you figured out alignment, peel off ONLY one strip of protective paper liner exposing the adhesive. Gently place on the tarp making sure there are no wrinkles. Pat down. Then peel off a second strip of paper liner and pat down. Continue until the entire patch is glued. **Adhesive is very strong and bonds instantly!**

4. Apply pressure to the patch to strengthen the bond (adhesive is pressure activated). Ideally this is done with a roller press, but you can just use your fingers/palm to press down for 20 seconds.

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Weight 51 g



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