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Small Roll Down Bag

Capacity:       1.8 L
Weight:            11 g
Material:        DCF_1.0oz

Capacity refers to maximum functional volume of roll down bag

Envelope-style construction best for storing flat articles


Not sure what size you need? See “what can I fit” in description section below.

Select DCF material color / Select cord color for the buckle loop

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GENERAL  Roll Down Bags are ultra lightweight bags closed off at the top with a fold-over seal and fitted with a plastic buckle. These bags provide a waterproof* storage solution for your gear. For a tight seal make sure to fold the top over at least three times. The volume given for each bag size indicates the volume of the bag with the top folded over three times. You may roll down these bags further to compress unused space and increase water resistance. The plastic buckle is equipped with a small cord loop for hanging the bag or attaching it to your pack. We offer five cord loop color options so you can stay organized and quickly reach for the bag you need (color-coding is awesome!)

*The material is 100% waterproof DCF. If bag is undamaged and used properly, contents will remain dry, unless fully submerged. Do not submerge these bags under water. Don’t need a fully waterproof bag? Check out a Stuff Sack of comparable size.

WHAT CAN I FIT?  The Small size is an envelope-style bag (i.e. not flat bottom, like on larger sizes). It is best for storing flat articles not exceeding 8″ x 8″. So it will definitely fit the largest phones, and some book readers, trail guides, power banks, GPS units, etc. Just check dimensions. Also great for storing random small items and some compact clothing. Most phones and smaller items will also fit in the X Small Roll Down Bag, so check it out.

SIZES   X Small – 0.7 L  (9.0 g),   Small – 1.8 L  (11 g),  Medium – 6.5 L  (23 g),  Large – 13 L  (31 g),  X Large – 17 L  (34 g)

Still uncertain? Have a specific item in mind and not sure if it will fit? Drop us a line, and we can suggest a suitable size.

DID YOU KNOW?  The DCF_1.0oz has decent transparency and phone screens responds to touch through the fabric; so you use your electronics right in the bag!

NOTE  As with all DCF products you should avoid sharp objects as they may puncture the material. But if you do happen to get a cut or puncture, repairing DCF is super easy on the fly by simply gluing a patch over the hole. So why not add some Repair Patches to your order, just might be the best few bucks you spend, and adds less than 1 g to your trail weight.

Additional information

Weight 61 g
Cord Loop Color

Yellow, Black, Red, Blue, Grey


1.0oz Dyneema® (GREY), 1.0oz Dyneema® (WHITE)


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