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Medium  9′ x 6.5′  Tarp

Guylines included:   6 pcs.              |      Size:  9 ft x 6.5 ft
Weight:   171 g / tarp only 133 g      |      Material:     DCF_0.5oz

Use this tarp as a rain canopy, or pitch as a spacious one-person shelter

Compatible with our Sectional Cords for quick versatile setup

Stakes NOT included with tarp. Get them here.

HEY! This tarp also comes in a Full Tarp Kit option, containing all you need to go from zero to tarp hero


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GENERAL  Made from 100% waterproof DCF_0.5oz. Measures 9 ft by 6.5 ft. Six tie-out anchor points with line tensioners. Anchor points disperse tension across a wide area for durability under stress. Includes six guylines made form weather resistant low-stretch cord. Total weight: 171 g. Tarp only without guylines: 133 g.


Rain Canopy: On rainy days, stretch this tarp over your campsite to make a cozy spot for cooking meals, sorting your gear or just chilling. Shelters 4 to 6 people; or get a more compact version (half the size). Run a guyline from each corner to a tree. Or two trees and two ground stake-outs (slanted setup). If no trees, run two guylines over trekking poles and stake to the ground.

Windscreen: Set this tarp up at ~45-degrees to shield against wind or sideways rain. Stake one edge directly to the ground and stretch the other edge to trees or over trekking poles.

Ground sheet: Folded in half, this tarp works as a ground sheet for your tent. Or just use it to spread out your gear while packing/unpacking.

Tarp shelter: This tarp can be pitched with trekking poles (or near trees) as a one-person shelter with plenty of room for gear. We find the half-fold-slanted style setup works best with this tarp size, maximizing space and weather protection. But try out different ways on your own; rectangular tarps offer great versatility.

Need a two-person tarp shelter? Step up to a 9′ x 9′ size for only 57 grams more.


Easy guyline attachment: All guylines come with a small hook on one end. So you can quickly loop it around a tree , snap onto a peg, or attach to another section of cord . No knots required! The open end of the cord runs through the line tensioner on your tarp for quick adjustment. This means you can fix the tension or even re-position the tarp without stepping out into the elements.

Guyline length: Guylines included with your tarp are: four 5 ft sections and two 10 ft sections. This is sufficient for pitching shelters in a variety or styles. Extra guylines can be purchased here.

Rain canopy setup: How much cord you’ll need at each tie-off will vary depending on surroundings, so be ready to rig guyline extensions as required. Typically, you would carry extra cord and figure it out on the spot. But over the long haul, cutting and tying pieces of cord becomes increasingly wasteful and annoying. So we have devised a more elegant sectional cord solution.

Sectional Cords Combine and disassemble sections of cord in a snap, so you get just the length you need, just where you need it. No leftovers. No cutting. No knots. Unused sections can be utilized for other needs around camp, or combine all sections to make a very long rope. Tarps and sectional cord were designed to work as a unit, so we highly recommend this combination. The ease, quickness, and versatility of setup and disassembly will change your tarp game forever! Check it out.

DID YOU KNOW?  In bad weather, setting up your shelter or rain canopy is the first thing you want to do when reaching camp. Carry this compact tarp in a front pack for instant access. Once you’ve got rain cover, proceed unpacking in a more comfortable setting.

TARP SIZES  Small 6.5′ x 4.5′ Tarp (89 g)  | Medium 9′ x 6.5′ Tarp (171 g)  |  Large 9′ x 9′ Tarp (233 g)  |  Weights without guylines are: 69 g, 133 g, and 184 g, respectively.

NOTE   Avoid setting up your tarp near a fire pit.  Sparks flying from a fire can burn holes in DCF tarps. As with all DCF products, avoid sharp objects as they may puncture the material. But if you do get a small cut or hole, repairing DCF is super easy on the fly by simply gluing a patch over the hole. You can add some Repair Patches to your order.



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Weight 221 g
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Yellow, Black, Red, Blue, Grey


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