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‘Gear Gut’ front pack

Weight:      111 g (+ 26 to 46 g depending on choice of attachment straps)
Volume:     8 L main compartment + three stretch pockets
Material:      DCF_1.4oz

Modern backpacks provide minimal storage options on the front. A roomy front pack will help you organize, carry, and access your gear more efficiently.

  • quick access to essential items on the go
  • better load distribution across the torso
  • four-way adjustment for a comfortable fit
  • waterproof**
  • integrates onto shoulder straps of your existing backpack
  • converts to a stand-alone pack for day-hikes

How to install it? see video at the bottom of this page.

GO EVEN LIGHTER:  Skip the two side mesh pockets and save 19 g. Our ‘Gear Gut Lite‘ front pack weighs only 92 g and comes with a lower price tag.

Choice of three colors and two logo designs:

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INSTALLATION  Watch a step-by-step instructional video at the bottom of this page.

You can now get an Original Artwork Print in your ‘Gear Gut’! check out the designs here.


Easy access on the go: This front pack offers great on-the-move versatility. No need to stop, take off your pack, and sort through just to find a piece of gear. With the ‘Gear Gut’, your snacks, hydration, bug spray, sunscreen, map, compass, GPS, first aid, rain gear, headlamp and other key items are right within reach on the go.

Load distribution: Take a few pounds off your back and put them on the front. This improves weight distribution around the torso resulting in better posture and a more natural and efficient walking position. On multi-day hikes, this small change can be a big difference offsetting cumulative soreness and fatigue.

Waterproof: Safe for keeping fragile items dry in rainy weather. The stretchy mesh pockets can be used for quickly stashing articles you frequently use, or general storage in fair weather. **The main front pack compartment is made from 100% waterproof DCF. A highly water-resistant Uretek® zipper will keep the rain out, but not to be submerged. 

Comfort: Multiple adjustment points allow you to find just the perfect position. Instantly control how tight (or loose) it sits around you, so it will work against bare skin and bulky winter jackets alike. The back wall is very lightly padded, so it can hug your contours. For the same reason, however, it may be uncomfortable to carry large rigid items in these packs, as they can create awkward pressure points against your chest.

Line of sight: Bulky front packs can obstruct your view when looking down at the ground just ahead. Our pack is designed wider at the bottom and tapered towards the top. So your natural line of sight is clear when looking down, and you won’t be blind-sided by obstacles at your feet.

Clip in / Clip out in seconds!   Our front packs are designed to work as a single unit with your existing backpack. The ‘Gear Gut’ attaches to the shoulder straps of your backpack using four clip buckles. It takes a few seconds to put on/take off entirely. You can also clip-out just from the top or bottom connectors if needed. Or clip-out from one shoulder strap keeping the front pack attached while taking your backpack on and off.

Converts to a stand-alone pack: Our front packs can also be worn directly on your torso. Simply clip in the extension straps and the ‘Gear Gut’ morphs into an ultra lightweight backpack or a stand-alone front-pack. Perfect for short hikes around base camp.

Side Pockets: Two stretchy side pockets provide general auxiliary storage space, but they are particularly great for tubes/bottles such as sunscreen, bug spray, or water bottles up to 650ml.

Works together with the ‘Ab Bag’: Wear your Gear Gut Lite together with an Ab Bag accessory pack for up to 11.6 L of storage space on the front.

COMPATIBILITY    Our goal was to create a front pack with universal attachments, so you could use it with any favorite backpack you may already own. Backpack designs vary substantially, so we relied on features consistently found on all shoulder straps of modern packs. Yet, some variability is undoubtedly expected. Therefore,  your purchase of the ‘Gear Gut’ includes three varieties or attachment straps to cover all possibilities. Once the attachment straps are installed, they are meant to be left in place, and your front pack just clips in-and-out as needed. If you are still unsure whether our front pack will work with your backpack, or if you have any questions, contact us, and we will be happy to assist.

SPECS    Made from ultralight and durable 1.4oz Dyneema® Composite Fabric, our front packs deliver ample storage at a fraction of the weight of traditional materials. ‘Gear Gut’ front pack weight: 111g. Attachment strap assortment: bottom straps (2 pcs) weight: 7.5g each; top ‘clip buckle’ attachments (2 pcs) weight: 5.5g each; top ‘cam buckle’ attachments (2 pcs) weight: 9g each; top ‘extended cam buckle’ attachments (2 pcs) weight: 15.5g each. Shoulder strap extensions (for converting to stand-alone pack, 2 pcs) weight 17g each. Note: only one set of top attachment straps needed for any given setup. All of the straps above are included with your purchase.

NOTE   This pack uses the more durable DCF_1.4oz material, however as with all DCF products, avoid sharp objects as they may puncture the material. But if you do get a small cut or tear, repairing DCF is super easy on the fly by simply gluing a patch over the hole. You can add some Repair Patches to your order.

Additional information

Weight 250 g

1.4oz Dyneema® (WHITE), 1.4oz Dyneema® (BLUE), 1.4oz Dyneema® (GREEN)


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