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Extended Cam Buckle Strap Kit (for ‘Gear Gut’)

Four pieces
Total weight:   46 g

Outfit multiple backpacks!  An extra strap kit lets you quickly transfer your ‘Gear Gut’ from one backpack to another without re-installing the attachments. Once the attachment straps are installed the ‘Gear Gut’ simply clips in-and-out.

Installation instructions videos on the bottom of this page.

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GENERAL   ‘Extended Cam Buckle’ attachment strap kit for the ‘Gear Gut’ front pack. Includes: two ‘Cam Buckle’ top attachment straps with extensions (weight 15.5 g each) and two bottom attachment straps (weight 7.5 g each). Bottom attachment straps are the same across all attachment strap kits. Total kit weight: 46 g.

WHY EXTRA KIT?   Indeed, one set of attachment straps is already included with your ‘Gear Gut’ purchase. However, if you own multiple backpacks, having an extra set of attachment straps makes transferring the ‘Gear Gut’ from one backpack to another super quick. Install the attachment straps on multiple backpacks and just leave them in place. That way no matter which backpack you grab – it’s ready to go. Once the straps are installed, clipping in-and-out takes just a few seconds.

INSTALLATION LOGISTICS   The ‘Gear Gut’ front pack uses four connection points along the shoulder straps: two at the bottom and two at the top. Bottom attachment straps are universal (i.e. same for all backpacks), and also interchangeable with ‘Ab Bag’. The top attachment straps for the ‘Gear Gut’ come in three varieties including the ‘Extended Cam Buckle’ (this product) as well as the ‘Clip Buckle’ and simple ‘Cam Buckle’ versions.

WHICH VERSION DO I NEED?   The ‘Cam Buckle’ and ‘Clip Buckle’ are simpler and more light-weight compared to the ‘Extended Cam Buckle’ version. If the shoulder straps on your backpack can support one of the simpler versions – go with those. On some backpacks, the connection points may be higher up along the shoulder straps. In such cases, you may need the ‘Extended Cam Buckle’ attachment straps.

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