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Dyneema® Composite Fabric 1.0

Size:                  54″ Wide  (sold in half-yard increments)
Weight:           1.0 oz / square yard
Color:               Grey

DCF material for DYI projects. Cut from a 54″ wide roll, sold per half yard. Ex. to get 1 yard x 54″ of material enter “2”.

Check out full description of the DCF material here. The 1.0oz DCF is a very light material, and is perfect for lightweight tarps, ultra-light shelter floors, storage bags of various kind, etc. 1.0oz DCF has fantastic tensile strength, but care must be taken as light-weight DCF has low puncture and abrasion resistance.

The best way to bond DCF to DCF is by using Pressure Adhesive Tape sold here. DCF can also be sewn together. However, needle holes create puncture points which weaken the fabric’s integrity along the stitch line that can result in failure over time. If you plan to sew DCF, we strongly encourage you to seam seal. You can do this by gluing a strip of DCF tape over the thread line. One-Sided Adhesive DCF Tape is available for purchase here.

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NOTE: due to the dyeing process used by the manufacturer, there might be dye darker ‘stripes’ or ‘splotches’ on the grey fabric. This is cosmetic only. There is no effect on the performance of the material.

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