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Bear Bag / Kit

Capacity:       14 L  Roll Down Bag
Weight:           56 g (Bag+harness), 100g (Full kit)
Material:        DCF_1.4oz

The full Bear Bag Kit includes: roll down bag with four-way webbing harness  |  45 foot cord with mini hook  |  small throw bag

Or choose the bag+harness only option.



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WHY NOT HANG THE BAG FROM THE BUCKLE CLOSURE? Suspending a heavy bag by the roll-top buckle closure causes the watertight seal to stretch and warp. Over time, this wear will compromise waterproofness and reduce the lifespan of your bag. We solve this problem by attaching 4 hook up points to allow for securing to a rope without putting any strain on the roll-top seal.

GENERAL  The Bear Bag is used to hang up food away from your campsite and out of reach of bears, raccoons, mice, squirrels and other unwanted wilderness guests looking to steal your lunch. The bag provides 14L of storage space. The optional kit also includes a small throw bag made from ultra-strong 210D HDPE Gridstop, and 45′ of 2mm cord. The bag comes with a four-way webbing harness for suspending. It attaches to the rope with a D-ring and mini-hook, no additional carabiner is required. The throw bag can be filled with small rocks, pebbles, or sand and tossed over a branch.

Roll Down Bags are closed off at the top with a fold-over seal and fitted with a plastic buckle. These bags provide a waterproof* storage solution for your gear. For a tight seal make sure to fold the top over at least three times. Capacity refers to maximum functional volume of roll down bag. Flat bottom construction maximizes storage capacity and yields better weight to volume ratio

*The material is 100% waterproof DCF. If bag is undamaged and used properly, contents will remain dry, unless fully submerged. Do not submerge these bags under water.

NOTE  As with all DCF products you should avoid sharp objects as they may puncture the material. But if you do happen to get a cut or puncture, repairing DCF is super easy on the fly by simply gluing a patch over the hole. So why not add some Repair Patches to your order, just might be the best few bucks you spend, and adds less than 1 g to your trail weight.

Additional information

Weight 130 g

1.4oz DCF White, 1.4oz DCF Green

Bag + Harness only / Kit (Throw bag + 45' rope)

Bag Only ($-15 CAD), Full kit


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