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Large  9′ x 9′  Tarp Kit

Material:     DCF_0.5oz
Kit weight:   394 g / tarp only 184 g

KIT CONTENTS:   One 9 ft x 9 ft flat tarp  |  Six 5 ft guylines + one extra  |  Two 10 ft guylines + one extra  |  75 ft sectional cords with bag  |  Eight titanium pegs or stakes with bag  |  Repair patches  |   Two line tensioner replacements  |  Four mini hook replacement  |  DCF storage stuff sack

Don’t need all the extras, just want to grab a tarp? No problem, click here

Use trekking poles to pitch a two-person shelter, or make a spacious rain canopy


Select pegs or stakes to come with your tarp kit (add 48 g to weight if choosing stakes)

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KIT CONTENTS  One 9 ft by 9 ft flat tarp made from 100% waterproof DCF_0.5oz.  Has eight tie-out anchor points with line tensioners. Anchor points disperse tension across a wide area for durability under stress | Eight guylines (+ two extra, in case you loose a couple) made form weather resistant low-stretch cord | Eight titanium pegs or stakes with bag | 75 ft Sectional Cords kit with bag | DCF repair patches | Two replacement line tensioners | Four spare mini-hooks | DCF stuff sack for storing the tarp and all kit components.

Total kit weight: 394 g. Tarp only: 184 g.


Tarp shelter: Pitch with trekking poles to make a two person shelter; with plenty of room for gear. Use triangular style for best stability and weather protection. But try out different ways on your own; rectangular tarps offer great setup versatility.

Need a one-person tarp shelter? Check out the 9′ x 6.5′ size.

Large rain canopy: Can be stretched from the corners to make a very spacious rain canopy for large groups.


Guyline attachment: All guylines come with a small hook on one end. So you can quickly loop it around a tree, snap onto a peg, or attach to another section of cord. No knots required! The open end of the cord runs through the line tensioner on your tarp for quick adjustment. This means you can fix the tension or even re-position the tarp without stepping out into the elements.

Sectional Cords (included in kit): Combine and disassemble sections of cord in a snap, so you get just the length you need, just where you need it. No leftovers. No cutting. No knots. Unused sections can be utilized for other needs around camp, or combine all sections to make a very long rope. Tarps and sectional cord were specifically designed to work as a unit.


DID YOU KNOW?  A narrow peg fits right through the line tesioner, so bottom anchor points can be staked directly to the ground without guylines.

CAUTION  Avoid setting up your tarp near a fire pit. Sparks flying from wood fire can burn holes in DCF tarps. As with all DCF products, avoid sharp objects as they may puncture the material.

REPAIR  If you do get a small cut or hole in your tarp, repairing DCF is super easy on the fly by simply gluing a patch over the hole (included in kit). Plastic line tensioners and mini hooks will not snap under normal use. However, accidentally stepping or dropping a heavy object may crack them. So just in case, we include some replacement pieces with your tarp kit.

SIZES  Small 6.5′ x 4.5′ Tarp Kit (174 g)  | Medium 9′ x 6.5′ Tarp Kit (308 g)  |  Large 9′ x 9′ Tarp Kit (394 g)  |  Weights of tarps only are: 69 g, 133 g, and 184 g, respectively.

Additional information

Weight 500 g

Titanium pegs (5.5 g each), Titanium stakes (11.5 g each)


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