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5 ft Guyline

Weight:     5.1 g
Length:      5 ft (1.5 m)

Weather-resistant Marlow Excel Pro marine cord, 2mm

Assembled with an easy-clip hook (included in weigh of guyline)

Fits line tensioners on all our tarps/shelters

Available in two sizes:


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GENERAL   Our guylines use Marlow Excel Pro polyester core 2mm marine cord. Marine cord is exceptionally weather resistant. Even when wet, it will offer virtually no stretch, so it wont lose tension in the rain and your shelters wont sag. With a breaking load of 92 kg or 200 lb, you are more likely to snap an anchor or rip the tarp before breaking this cord. Weight: 0.82 g per foot.

SETUP   All guylines come with a small hook attachment on one end. So you can quickly loop the guyline around a tree branch , attach to another section of cord , or drive a peg thru the hook. Then run the open end of the cord through the line tensioner on your tarp and adjust the tension at the tarp end. This means you can fix the tension or even re-position the tarp without stepping from underneath the shelter.

Guylines are 5 ft or 10 ft. If you need more length, we recommend our Sectional Cords. But you can also the cord in bulk.

SECTIONAL CORDS   Guylines are compatible with our multi-purpose sectional cords. Connect and disassemble cord sections in a snap to make guyline extensions of desired length. No long leftovers. No cutting. No knots. Unused portions can be utilized for other purposes around camp. Check it out!

NOTE  Line tensioners installed on our tarps and shelters work best with a jacketed 2mm cord. Thicker cords may not fit, and skinnier or non-jacketed cords may slip out.

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Weight 50 g


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