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25 L Day-Pack Rain Cover

Weight:      30.5 g
Volume:     most packs under 30 L (see below)
Material:      DCF_0.5oz

Ultralight and 100% waterproof. Tapered construction provides a closer fit around pack contours and utilizes less material. An adjustable lateral strap keeps the cover snug against your pack.


Go off-trail a lot? Get the ‘Bushwhacker’ version of this rain cover. Made with tougher DCF_1.0oz to better endure trekking in dense vegetation.

NOTE!  Not guaranteed to fit all 25 L pack shapes, as pack construction varies.

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GENERAL   Made with ultralight DCF_0.5oz.  A shock cord running around the perimeter can be pulled tighter or loosened to accommodate the shape of your pack. Comes with an adjustable lateral strap that secures the rain cover in place and gathers excess material for a snug fit. Three additional anchor loops are installed for supplementary attachment points for very windy days. Weight:  30.5 g.

Also available in a tougher ‘Bushwhacker’ version made with DCF_1.0oz. This is a more durable option for frequent off-trail trekking through thick brush and dense vegetation. Same price — double the protection. Weight: 38.5 g.

PACK SIZE   Designed for the average 25 L day-pack, but may accommodate up to 30 L volume. However, as pack construction varies, some day-packs may be bulkier then others, or have a greater circumference, or a wide frame/back support. Therefore, we do not guarantee that this cover will fit all pack variations.

Not sure if this rain cover will fit your pack? Send us an email with your pack name and model, and we’ll do our best to suggest a suitable cover size.

SIZES  25 L Day-Pack Rain Cover (30.5 g)  |  50 L Backpack Rain Cover (37.5 g)  |  65 L Backpack Rain Cover (45 g)

NOTE   As with all DCF products, avoid sharp objects as they may puncture the material. But if you do get a small cut or tear, repairing DCF is super easy on the fly by simply gluing a patch over the hole. You can add some Repair Patches to your order.

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