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1/2″ Two Sided Pressure Adhesive Tape for DCF

Size:                  60 yard roll

Pressure adhesive tape for DCF to use in DYI projects.

*see notes below

Available in three widths:


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*NOTE: this ‘tape’ is simply a thin layer of clear adhesive with a paper liner. It has no structural rigidity on its own. It is a convenient way of making straight-line overlap glue seams bonding two pieces of Dyneema® Composite Fabric.

Apply to one layer of DCF, peel off the paper liner, line up a second layer of DCF, and apply pressure for strong bonding. Can be used to create one-sided DCF tape or patches for repairs (like the repair kits we sell). Apply adhesive tape to a piece of DCF. Do not peel the protective paper liner. Cut the patch to desired shape/size. When needed, peel off the paper liner and apply to affected area to make repairs. Can be stored for later use.

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