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100 ft Cord

Weight:      82 g
Length:      100 ft (30.5 m)

Weather-resistant Marlow Excel Pro marine cord, 2mm

Fits line tensioners on all our tarps/shelters

For an alternative solution, check out our sectional cords

Available in two lengths and five colors variations


Looking for pre-made guylines with hooks? Get them here.

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GENERAL   Marlow Excel Pro polyester core 2mm marine cord is not your garden variety flimsy cord from the general store. Marine cord is exceptionally strong and weather resistant. Even when wet, it will retain its strength and offer virtually no stretch. So it won’t lose tension in the rain. Has a breaking load of 92 kg or 200 lb, so you are much more likely to snap or tear whatever is attached to the cord, before the cord itself breaks. Comes in five colors. Weight: 0.82 g per foot.

This 2 mm cord fits the line tensioners on our tarps and shelters, so you can use it to make guylines of desired length. If you are looking for pre-made guyline, just grab one here here.

DID YOU KNOW?  Instead of packing bulk cord for various purposes around camp, you can now step up to a more elegant and versatile sectional cord solution instead. You never know when you’ll need a few extra feet or a few dozen feet of rope around camp. Maybe your shelter stake-out point is just out of reach, or your bear-bag rope is just short for a high branch, or you need to rig a clothes or stretch a rain canopy. Our sectional cords allow you to combine and disassemble sections of cord in a snap to exactly the desired length. No cutting or tying knots. Unused sections can be utilized for other applications, or combine the whole thing to make a very long rope. Sold at essentially bulk cord prices with a few more bucks for plastic connectors, so check it out!

Additional information

Weight 132 g
Cord Color

Yellow, Black, Red, Blue, Grey


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