Edit form electronically; or print and fill out by hand. Email scan or picture of all pages to with heading "Custom Tarp".


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Chose your material


Draw the shape and dimensions of your tarp


Draw location of tie out points


Specify add-ons, like guylines, pegs, stakes

DESIGN LIMITATIONS AND OTHER NOTES ('read more' before getting started).

All instructions are outlined on the 'tarp design template', but we wanted to address a couple of things right off the bat:

  1. Tarps may not exceed 13 feet (i.e. the biggest sheet of material you get to work with is 13x13ft)
  2. We can only make straight-line edges. Curved cuts are not allowed. (for special requests contact us directly)
  3. Tarp corners may not have an angle of less than ~60 degrees

Indicate the placement of tie out points by drawing a small circle at the desired locations. We can install either a line tensioner like this, or a D-ring like this at each tie out. Indicate: Line Tensioner with a CLOSED CIRCLE and a D-ring with an OPEN CIRCLE (e.g. the diagram below shows 6 line tensioners along the outside and 4 D-rings mid-panel).

Tension direction: For every mid-panel tie out, you MUST indicated the direction of tension. In other words: which way will you be stretching the guyline from that tie out point. Indicate this by drawing a small arrow from the tie out in the direction of the guyline (see arrows in diagram). WHY? this is so we can install the tie out anchor in the correct orientation, thus reducing shear stress at the anchor position preventing unnatural twisting.


All custom made tarps are final sale and NOT eligible for returns. However, like all our products, they are covered against manufacturing/material defects as described in our Warranty/Returns/Repairs Policy.